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Mayotama as he appears in the anime.
Mayotama as he appears in the anime.
Some Attributes
First Appearance Surpass Gender and Blood. Come Forth, Otokonoko...
Relatives Denji(Father)

Kyouko(Mother) Hajime(Brother) Kaoru(Sister In-Law)

Age 17-21
Sex Male
Voice Actor/Actress Sayaka Horino

Mayotama is a supporting character in the anime I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. He is the crossdressing little brother of Hajime. He is known in Japan as a doujinshi (Fan Manga) Boy's Love author. He goes to college and is a member of the manga club, although he prefers not to go due to the limits they put on him.


Mayotama is short with long brown hair tied to a ponytail. Because of his youthful voice and appearance, he is often assumed to be a middle school or high school-aged girl. This has caused some misunderstandings (and awkwardness) as the series progresses.


Mayotama is full of energy and is usually in high spirits. He gets excited about gathering new creative ideas for his manga. He has virtually all of the same interests in anime and manga subculture as Hajime. However, unlike the relatively calmer brother, Mayotama's abrasiveness and perverted behavior tends to cross lines, leading him to be expelled from their home.

On the internet, he is described as a "nekama" (net + okama), where he assumes a feminine identity. This, of course, causes misunderstandings when people meet him in person.


Kaoru - Being similar to Hajime, Kaoru is tolerant of Mayotama's otaku nature. However, Mayotama's perverted desire for his older brother tends to be a one way ticket out of their home.

Hajime - With both of them being hardcore otaku, Hajime and his younger brother Mayotama can easily relate to each other. However, their relationship can be a bit strained because of Mayotama's crude behavior, as well as the ... ahem, position that he puts his older brother in his boy-love hentai manga.

Miki - Their relationship is off to a good romantic start, until Miki discovers Mayotama's true gender. Things get rather complicated from there.


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