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Some Attributes
First Appearance How I Got Into Hobbies I Don't Understand
Relatives Hajime(Husband)

Mayotama(Brother In-Law) Tadashi(Uncle) Miri(Mother) Denji(Father In-Law) Kyouko(Mother In-Law)Sayoko(Unborn Child)

Age 25
Sex Female
Voice Actor/Actress Yukari Tamura

Kaoru (maiden name Samura) is the Protagonist, along with Hajime, of the series I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying! She is a 25 year-old businesswoman who recently married a Otaku named Hajime.


Kaoru has long hair and 2 red hairpins on one of her bangs. Her most common attire consists of a long-sleeved pink shirt with blue jeans. Compared to her friends, Kaoru has smaller, more dilated irises and a larger bust.

Her hair is naturally a dark blueish-black, but at some point after marrying Hajime, she dyed it blonde.

She is noticeably shorter than Hajime.


Kaoru is a hard working professional and is dedicated to her tasks. She is kind and non-judgemental, with her marriage to the otaku Hajime being ultimate proof of her tolerant nature. She's also shown to be quickly apologetic, shown whenever her words seemingly cause distress to Hajime and Mayotama. She smokes cigarettes often, though lately she's had to withhold from smoking, causing her to suffer from withdrawal. She is also a very bad drunkard, and becomes totally uninhibited in her desires when she's intoxicated, much to Hajime's pain (and pleasure).


Hajime - In spite of him being "the least manly guy she's ever met," Kaoru liked him and they eventually got married. She tolerates all of his odd behaviors and hobbies, and even takes a part of them from time to time.

Mayotama - She is a bit taken aback by Mayotama's eccentric personality, but tolerates him as well. Mayotama is embarrassed at first when he realizes Kaoru isn't an otaku, but settles in rather quickly.


  • In spite of being raised by a chef, Kaoru's culinary skills are below average.
  • Kaoru is a skilled bowler, complete with her own personal bowling ball. However, since she's been so busy with work, she misplaced her ball and her skills may have diminished somewhat. There's a visual gag of the bowling ball actually being stored in a kitchen cabinet, since it's a place she rarely utilizes.