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Hajime, game controller in hand.
Hajime, game controller in hand.
Some Attributes
First Appearance How I Got Into Hobbies I Don't Understand
Relatives Kaoru(Wife)

Unborn Child Mayatoma(Brother) Denji(Father) Kyouko(Mother)

Age 23
Sex Male
Voice Actor/Actress Kenichi Suzumura

Hajime is the main protagonist, along with Kaoru, of I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. He is a 23 year old otaku. He runs a anime review blog that is popular in the community, and it makes him some spare yen on the side.


Hajime is relatively taller than Kaoru, but looks shorter than some of the other male characters. He has medium length black hair and wears glasses. In spite of his otaku nature, his body is quite muscular.


Kaoru describes her first impression of him being the "least manly guy she's ever met." Being the hardcore anime otaku that he is, Hajime has various quotes and responses that often include references to anime & manga culture. With Kaoru being the primary breadwinner and how his own younger brother portrays him in BL (boy love) hentai, it can be assumed that Hajime plays a rather submissive role in personal relationships. Kaoru did believe he was a pervert because of his interest in hentai, though thankfully this was just a misunderstanding.

Despite his reclusive nature, Hajime sometimes tries to venture out to make new friends and try new hobbies from time to time. However, this is rather uncharacteristic of him and tends to not end well.


Kaoru - In spite of their (rather large) differences in personality, Hajime and Kaoru both grew to love each other. Although it seems like the relationship is skewed mostly in his favor, Hajime has bent over backwards to accommodate his wife whenever she needs him. He even got a job as a web designer for her sake.

Mayotama - With both of them being hardcore otaku, Hajime and his younger brother Mayotama can easily relate to each other. However, their relationship can be a bit strained because of Mayotama's crude behavior, as well as the ... ahem, position that he puts his older brother in his boy-love hentai manga.

Miki - They have a good professional relationship that stems from their mutual love of anime and manga, though Miki is not the recluse that Hajime is. He's also willing to give work to Hajime whenever he asks for it. However, relations are slightly strained when Hajime doesn't provide specific information about a person he likes...


  • Hajime removes his shirt if he likes a particular home cooked dish.
  • Hajime once wanted to make his own sake.
  • Hajime Shares the Same Voice actor as Okita Sougo from Gintama & Rogue Cheney from Fairy Tail